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So far we've covered all the production expenses with a Kickstarter campaign and out of our own pockets. It's been difficult, but we've been able to track down many of the people who were actually a part of Chicago's early Hip Hop scene and have shot hours of multi-camera interviews of their first-hand accounts. Also making things challenging is that the early 90's were a time before everyone had a camera on their phone (or even a mobile phone at all), so it's been a daunting task to find actual archival footage of the the clubs and performances.


The good news is that with the help of some great partners, we've been able to track down a treasure trove of video and recordings. However, it takes money to license the rights to this footage, and then more money to hire people to clean up and restore the images and audio into something we can use. We'll also have to pay artists for their music so that we can have a killer soundtrack. But it's all good: Now that we've shot most of the interviews, sourced most of the archival footage, and started the editing, the end is finally in sight!


So now is when we really need your support to help us finish this film and share it with audiences around the world. We've assembled a great team, but the one person we're missing is you! Please join us on this journey by contributing to the film today.


Many thanks and we appreciate your generosity, support, and love.


- Dave & Duro

Donations are made through Fractured Atlas, our non-profit fiscal sponsor. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

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